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How To Build A Business Out Of Nothing

I always think it’s interesting when I hear some of the excuses people come up with, especially when it comes to business. I hear these things all the time – […]

I always think it’s interesting when I hear some of the excuses people come up with, especially when it comes to business. I hear these things all the time – "I don’t know where to start." "I don’t know how to start a business." "I don’t have the money to start a business."

There are several common objections we hear any time the topic of starting a business comes up. And the interesting part is those objections often come from the same people who complain about being broke or never having enough money.

The truth is, there are several different kinds of people who start businesses. There are some people who start businesses because they have to, whether it’s because they lost their job or they have a medical condition that prevents them from working a regular job. They do it because if they don’t bootstrap it and make it work, they won’t be able to put food on the table or buy shoes for their children. They do it because they have no other options.

There are some who have a job they love and would never dream of leaving, but their dream job just doesn’t produce their dream income. For them, starting a side business is a way for them to continue doing what they love to do without sacrificing an income.

Then there are those who are looking to start a business because they want the freedom to work from home (or from the beach or the mountains or wherever they want).

But wanting to start a business and actually starting a business are two very different things. Like I said earlier, there are always objections that come up, even from those who really actually want to run a successful business.

There’s something a lot of people don’t realize about business. With sweat labor and skill, you can create businesses out of thin air! Seriously! People say they don’t have the money to start a business. But my very first business did not cost me a lot of money. I started it from the trunk of my car. It was literally sweat labor. I didn’t have money to get inventory, an office, or a phone line. But I used what I had in front of me.

That may be where you’re at today. You may be in a position where you need to create a business out of thin air. It may seem overwhelming or even a little scary to think about trying to come up with something that can actually be successful. But instead of thinking about it as an obstacle, I want you to just think of the endless possibilities right now! There’s really no excuse to not start a business today if that’s what you want or need to do.

There are TONS of ways to make more money on the side (and these are just a few of them):

  • Small business: baking, tutoring, cleaning, auto moving, photography, lawn service, odd jobs, virtual assistant, engineering, writing sales copy, internet businesses
  • Home business: travel, nutrition, fitness, skin care, oils, water filters, and thousands more!

You see what I mean? There are so many different opportunities right in front of you right now. It’s not about finding the "right" one or the one you are passionate about. If I had waited to find a business I was passionate about, I would still be broke. The important thing is that you just do it. That’s what I did. And look, I’m a multimillionaire and owner of 5 companies! And it all started from doing what was in front of me.

So I’d encourage you today to really consider where you are and what you’re doing (or not doing). Is business the direction you should be headed right now? Do you have objections that are keeping you from starting a business? If so, it’s time to take that step and put yourself on a fast track to business success.

I’ve found that one key to succeeding in business is to help the people around me to succeed. It has always worked for me. That’s why I’m passing this along to you – because this is a great way for you to help the people around you to succeed. How? Just pass this along! Who do you know that could benefit from reading this today? Just send this to them! You can also share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than that, I hope you have an awesome day, and I look forward to talking with you again soon!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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